>>rock the

new year<<

Instead of setting another unattainable or temporary New Years Resolution, try these actionable steps to create lasting positive change in your life!

1. DON'T RESOLVE PROBLEMS, RESOLVE to be your best -

If you set your goals primarily to fix problems, then it makes your efforts very reactive, not very motivational, AND I guarantee they will not help you manifest your dreams. Don't focus on the negative. Get out of a state of lack! Know that you already have what it takes to live out dreams, you just need to forge the path to get you there. Focusing on problems will not help you find your way.


I challenge you think big... then think BIGGER! Think change! Think 3 years out. What does your life look like then? Who will you be? What will you have accomplished? Imagine the most amazing version of yourself. What is that person doing? How are they living? Who is around them? What motivates them? What makes that person happy? When setting your goals, I want you to think through this lens. If your goal isn't in line with the person you imagined, then it isn't the right goal.


After you've set your big goal, start thinking backwards from there to develop sub goals that will help you to reach your big goal (~ 6 mo goals, ideally) This will be your stepping stones that will slowly add up to your big goal and lead to success!


Foster movement toward your goals by developing daily habits that actually move you toward your goals. Maybe that means waking up an hour early to practice self care, or to work on your side hustle, or to workout, or to prioritize your day... Maybe this means eating in a way that supports your biology and brain function so that you can be more productive and positive. Whatever the habits, make sure that they are consistently moving you forward.


Prioritize steps instead of trying to do it all at once! Take a look at your list of sub-goals and choose one to start with. Then list out some actions that you can take now, next week, next month and so on, until you reach that goal. After that review your list of actions, and highlight the ones that will make the most progress and have the greatest impact - DO THESE FIRST - even if they are the harder ones. You will be amazed by how far you can go in just a few months with this approach.

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