Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Natural sun light helps the body produce and absorb beneficial vitamins, restore your natural circadian rhythm, boost your mood, and balance hormones.

Here comes the sun, little darling!

“Let the light shine on you, so you can shine your light on the world”

It's all about natural, full-spectrum sunlight!

How to do it

Direct, unfiltered sunlight exposure on bare skin for 10-20 mins a day. That's right folks, I'm talkin no sunscreen, no sunglasses, no hat, no protective clothes... just direct sunlight. Now, that being said, of course take precaution against sun damage and listen to your body if it feels like its getting burnt, but in general 10-20 mins is a good time frame to avoid skin damage but still get the full benefits of the sun. After your 10-20 mins, bundle up or slather on that sunscreen!

How it works

Sunshine is a great source of vitamin D, and actually the only way to produce vitamin D sulfate, so even supplementation with D should be accompanied by sunshine. Sunshine also produces cholesterol sulfate from cholesterol, which your body uses as a precursor to all of your sex hormones.

Sunlight contributes to testosterone balance, which is an important hormone for muscle tone and body composition, your confidence, and your sex drive.

Sunlight also helps you relax and de-stress through the release of endorphins and dopamine (the feel-good stuff). This also improves mood, energy and motivation!

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