Spring Water

Hack or “unprocess” your water with water from a natural source. Specifically, I’m talking about the benefits of replacing your current water source with natural spring water in glass.

Many of us consciously avoid processed foods to avoid toxins, unnatural additives and chemicals. But what about our water?

Most water sources - tap, filtered, bottled... has minerals removed and chemicals added to make it “safe” for mass consumption. Even if you use a water filter there are two problems 1. the filter is not efficient enough at removing all chemicals, or 2. filters that take all chemicals out, also remove all the beneficial minerals that natural “primary” water possess.

How to do it

I get my natural spring water delivered in glass jugs that do not leech chemicals (like plastic does) from Mountain Valley Water.

If you can find one, I suggest using an ANCIENT spring source because this water is not exposed to industrial contamination. This water also doesn’t have any chemicals added and retains all of the natural minerals that come from the earth, like: sulfate, calcium, sodium and magnesium.

You can also use Find A Spring to locate an ancient spring near you where you can forage your own water!

How it works

Water is the most important nutrient you need to stay alive, after oxygen. Our blood, lymphatic fluid, mucus, tears, saliva, and almost every liquid in your body is made of water and our body and brain composition is from 70-90% water, SO you can see why drinking quality water is important.

Spring water in glass is the best option because it has the ideal mineral composition to meet the body’s requirements , is naturally alkalized, and does not contain chemicals associated with industrialization and sanitation.

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