Red Light Therapy

One of my go-to biohacks for higher performance!

“maybe the red light district was on to something?”

First off, not all red light is equally beneficial. Only a select range of visible red light (between 600-700 nm) and invisible #infrared light (between 700-1200 nm) is proven to be clinically therapeutic for #photobiomodulation and proven to be the most beneficial for health. This #wavelength of light can pass through human tissue much easier than other wavelengths.

I use red light to boost my energy and performance, improve my skin and fight aging.

How to do it

You can use red light therapy at home using portable devices like the Joove, Red Light Rising, BioLight, and others. You can also visit infrared saunas for a powerful, full body red light therapy session - my favorite is Perspire Sauna Studio in ATL (pictured) - or you can visit a spa for facial red light therapy.

How it works

Photons of red and near infrared light stimulate the mitochondria in your cells during cellular respiration to boost energy production (ATP). It also helps improve the oxidative environment in cells, activating intracellular pathways, increasing protein synthesis, enzyme activation, and cell cycle progression. This helps with muscle recovery and stimulates growth, reduces inflammation and joint pain, improves circulation, boosts energy and mood and helps to reset your internal clock (circadian rhythm) for better sleep.

Red light is also great for beauty and anti-aging! It improves skin tone & complexion, speeds the healing of wounds and scars, and boosts natural collagen production.

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