Intermittent Fasting

The basic concept of this powerful biohack is to eat all of daily food in a shortened period (~8 hours) and fast the rest of the time (~16 hrs).

“No more mindless eating - eat with purpose!”

How to do it

Everyone may have a specific approach to IF that works best for their biology, but for me I like to supplement my fasted state with fat coffee to combat hunger and fatigue. In general I finish my last meal of the day by 8 pm, then I have a fat coffee in the morning, and I eat my first meal at around 2 pm. I have the best results when I also get a workout in during my fasted period.

Why it works

IF is a powerful tool that can help upgrade your performance in many ways, including boosting weight loss by draining your glucose reserves (body’s main energy source), which causes you to switch to burning fat for fuel - ketosis. This is why it’s ok to supplement the fast with fat, but not carbs or protein. IF has also been proven to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and reduce insulin resistance.

IF also protects and supports brain function and protects against neural-degenerative diseases like Alzheimers. IF protects neurons in the brain from excitotoxic stress (neural death) It accelerates autophagy in your neurons - the process of cleaning out damaged cells and generating new ones. This helps your body defend itself naturally against disease.

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