Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Lets get bare foot and grounded!

Everything (even us) is made of atoms and has a net positive, negative, or neutral charge. When your body’s overall charge is off, the chemical reactions that depend on it get disturbed. Grounding means discharging built-up static electricity either directly into the earth “earthing” by standing bare foot on it, or through a conductor and into the ground.

“Plug your toes into the sand and un-charge for a bit ”

The idea is that our bodies develop a positive charge throughout the day that can be slowly dispelled when we touch the earth or a grounding mat.

How to do it

You can either stand barefoot directly on the earth (grass, dirt, sand, lake...) or you can use a grounding mat. Either way, you can get benefit from doing this for at least 10 mins a day.

How it works

When our bodies build up a positive charge over time, it depletes our energy, and promotes inflammation and disease. Grounding brings the body back to a neutral charge, which has the opposite effect. Grounding is great to improve energy, sleep and is also great for jet lag!

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