Genetic Health Data Mining

You can use genetic testing to optimize your health, here's how to get started!

Knowledge is power! And as a health scientist, I love DATA and I’m all about putting data to ACTION! I believe it’s an incredible tool for biohacking and improving your overall wellness.

“Knowledge is power, so harness the power of your health data!”

When you understand your genes, you can harness that knowledge to make more informed decisions for environmental and behavior changes. For instance, if you know that you have a genetic predisposition for a disease or health issue, you can take steps and precautions to reduce your risk. Just because it’s genetic, doesn’t mean that it’s inevitable!

How to do it

There are a lot of genetic tests out there, so the trick is to pick a place to start and then begin sorting through and understanding your genetic data. I got the @23andme health + ancestry genetic test for my bday! (best gift ever!) So that’s the one I’m starting with. This one is shipped to you with simple instructions to collect a sample and ship it back to the lab. I’m super stoked to see my results!

When I get my results, I plan to upload the raw data into a couple additional analysis platforms to further investigate! I will be sure to update you all on that process and my findings!

How it works

Our cells comprise tens of thousands of DNA segments called genes. Genes are passed down from our parents - telling our cells how to act and what characteristics to express. SO... why is it useful to understand our genes?

Genes are not set in stone, meaning that we can turn them on or off! Stressors like toxins, emotional turmoil, physical stress - are gene “switches”. So, if we know that we have a gene that, if “turned on” will result in cancer, we can take special precaution to not expose ourselves stressors that can activate the gene and cause that health issue.

One thing I’ll be looking for is the MTHFR gene mutation, which increases risk of heart disease, colon cancer, miscarriage, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and depression. If I have it or others that increase my risk of disease/illness, I can use that info for prevention!

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