Updated: Dec 10, 2018

when done in a regular and varied manner, is very powerful tool for improving fitness, health and wellness. For the purpose of biohacking, I define exercise as not just movement of the body, but intentional movement to create change in the body - and hopefully work up a sweat!

That’s right, I’m talkin a good ol fashioned sweaty workout!

“A sweat a day keeps the doctor away!”

How to do it

Since we’re talking specifically exercise meant to create biological change, a typical workout should be at least 20 minutes, should increase heart rate and breathing to a non-conversational level, and should feel challenging. This can be one continuous exercise like biking or swimming or a combination of exercises that include something to increase respiration. The key is having a VARIED approach.

Even though I’m an endurance athlete and I like running and biking best, I do HIIT workouts (high intensity interval training) at least twice a week. My general rule of thumb is to sweat every day without repeating a workout two days in a row.

How it works

Exercise has the power to increase your energy, focus, mood, metabolism, detoxification, and ability to perform mentally and physically. The biological changes made by exercise include cardiovascular, skeletal, muscle, and metabolic adaptations that create a stronger and more resilient body. Exercise also improves cognitive function and creates a stronger mind!

Getting a little more nerdy science gal - exercise increases disposal of metabolic waste, increases oxidative enzymes, improves transfer of oxygen, improves carbohydrate sparing = greater use for fat as fuel, increases mitochondria (energy factory of cell), increases regulatory mechanisms of metabolism, improves fat oxidation, and builds ability of fatigue-resistance slow twitch muscle fibers.

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