Binaural Beats

How you can Harness the power of sound to improve mental health and enhance cognitive function.

Binaural beats are a specific kind of sound that triggers brain wave activity to boost concentration, enhance creativity, and improve mood.

How to do it

I listen to them through headphones to enhance my concentration when I’m working, to boost my creativity when I’m painting or drawing, and to relax before bed. You can try some out for free on Spotify.

How it works

Neurons use electrical signals to create thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. The brain acts as an orchestra conductor, coordinating and synchronizing the activity of many neurons across the brain. When large numbers of neurons fire together in the same rhythm it creates brain waves.

There are 5 frequencies of brain waves: Gamma (highest) - insight and expanded consciousness, Beta - concentration/learning, Alpha - relaxation, Theta - dreaming/flow state, Delta (shortest) - deep sleep. Different binaural beats can cause different brain waves, so based on your goal, you can use different frequency beats. For instance, theta beats can reduce anxiety, beta can enhance attention, and alpha can increase creative thinking.

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