Fuel your body and brain with high quality fat!

Not all fats are made equal, meaning some fats that beneficial to our overall health and human performance, and some are harmful and contribute to disease.

“up high quality fat, down low quality carbs makes for a happier gut and brain”

Some high quality fats that we should all get plenty of are; grass-fed ghee, organic grass-fed butter, coconut oil, MCT oil, avocado oil, grass-fed meat fats, cocoa butter, some nut butters, and unheated olive oil.

How to do it

I talked about the benefits of drinking Fat Coffee and pairing it with Intermittent Fasting (check out the fat coffee post). But, in general, I eat about 50-70% fats, 20-30% protein, and less than 20% carbs (fruit and veg) + little, if any, starch.

A couple of things to note: 1) not all fats should be heated. I generally only cook with refined coconut oil, ghee and avocado oil, which have higher smoke points. I use other oils, like olive, in dressings and just to pour over my food. 2) some fats are extremely harmful and should be completely avoided, like corn and general vegetable oils, margarine, and artificial trans fats. If nothing else, NEVER eat trans fats - a byproduct of hydrogenation - they have no health benefits and there is no safe level to consume.

How it works

Fat is a major source of energy for both the body and brain - needed to absorb vitamins and minerals, build cell membranes and sheaths surrounding nerves, blood clotting, and muscle movement. Our brains alone, are about 60% fat - why low-fat diets cause fatigue and brain fog.

We also need fat to balance hormones - cholesterol being the basis for all sex hormones. So, you need cholesterol, however, you should not pair with high carb because carbs cause oxidation, creating arterial plaque.

Omega 3 fats (DHA omegas and EPA omegas) are powerful enhancers for brain performance, fighting inflammation and supporting mood.

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